Best Fiverr Podcast Audio Editing Experts for Hire

5 min readOct 4, 2023
Best Fiverr Podcast Audio Editing Experts for Hire

Detailed Review of Fiverr Podcast Audio Editing Experts


Content creators, entrepreneurs and businesses have turned to the podcasting medium to share their insights and stories with a global audience. Content alone won’t get a successful Podcasts to succeed, it will have to also have good audio. Many speakers turn to experts on the outsourcing platform Fiverr, to help them get professional-grade audio.

More than one talent is available on the platform, and finding the best of them can be difficult. That’s where we come in to help! This comprehensive review was written after looking for and analyzing the Top Fiverr Podcast Audio Editing Experts . We worked with them to learn about their skills, reviews, pricing, and more so that you could make an informed decision.

Top 5 Fiverr Podcast Audio Editing Experts

In this section, we’ll introduce you to our top 5 Fiverr podcast audio editing experts. Each expert has been carefully selected based on their expertise, reviews, and overall value for your podcast production needs.

Joel North — Podcasting expert from Canada (6000+ REVIEWS)

Completed over 10,000 successful Fiverr orders since 2014


Adding your supplied intro/outro/ads/music. Noise and echo reduction. Up to 3 specified edits. Proprietary mastering to ensure your podcast sounds loud and clear.

Brian Murphy — Podcast Professional From USA (1000+ REVIEWS)

20+ yrs experience audio editing and mastering


Summary Simple noise/reverb reduction Trim front and end of podcast audio Add your intro/outro/music Audio enhancement and mastering of podcast audio

Tahami — Podcast Professional From Pakistan (600+ REVIEWS)

AMZ Expert, Video Editor, Podcast Editor.


Summary Noise Reduction Audio Enhancement Equalization Compression Normalization Volume Up/Down Add Voice-Over

How to start a podcast and make money?

Podcasting is great gives you a chance to spread your message, connect with your audience, and interview amazing people. If that’s what you’re in but how do you make money with a podcast well that’s what we will discuss. I’ll share with you the exact strategy that I use with my modern marketing podcasts to add an extra six figures to my revenue let’s get to it.

Finding Sponsorship

Podcast moneymaker number one is sponsorship. Now, this one is kind of obvious but it’s still worth mentioning especially as it’s become more and more popular in our industry and across podcasting in general. The concept of getting a sponsor is actually really simple basically someone sponsors your show and in exchange for the money that they’re giving you for the show. Well, you’ll either give them some kind of shout-out or a tribute or they’ll get a spot on the show or whatever you decide to negotiate.

Paid Advertising

When it comes to running paid advertising on your podcast there’s a number of similarities and differences compared to sponsorship. First of all, sponsorship tends to be it’s kind of a longer-term arrangement or a longer-term agreement and there tends to be a higher level of commitment. Whereas with paid ads normally what people are looking for is a transactional relationship though they can buy space in bulk. Now when it comes to running the paid ad.


Now this one has a little bit of a catch associated with it. Because essentially what you’re doing is you’re using your podcast to send traffic to whatever source that you want. This means you’re gonna probably need somewhere to send it to now. If you have a good product or a good service and a good offer that’s already converting well. Well, then this is like adding gasoline to the fire by essentially giving more attention and more traffic.


Networking is what has really enabled me to build a profitable podcast. Yes, the other three strategies are great whether we’re running sponsorships or paid ads or using it for traffic. But it is this fourth strategy that’s really enabled the modern marketing podcast to become a viable and crucial part of my business overall. The beauty of this final strategy is in its simplicity and essentially it just involves being a good person. Who’s good at business and is offering value to other people.

Top Reasons for Using Fiverr Services Experts

Precise Job Description

We’re going to start off with number one which is no job descriptions. Look if you’ve ever had to hire a freelancer before then you know the pain and agony of typing up a job description. Figuring out what you want and then going and finding examples and then filtering through proposals.

Work Speed

It’s a really cool Fiverr that actually has these gig extras that allow you to get things done in 12 or 24 hours. So if you’re on a tight deadline like you need your blog post-editing. It’s due tomorrow you need some video editing you need a voiceover you have an image that is just all messed up and you’re not a photoshop pro.

Investment Protection

Now this is pretty common across most freelancing platforms. Like on Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer but particularly on Fiverr as a buyer you are really really protected. I mean Fiverr pretty much assumes that all the buyers are telling the truth and the sellers aren’t. So if you’re a seller a fellow seller like me you know the frustration of buyers taking advantage of this.

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In conclusion, finding the best Fiverr podcast audio editing expert for your needs can greatly enhance the quality of your podcast. We’ve introduced you to our top 5 recommendations, each with their own unique strengths and specialties. Remember to carefully assess your podcast’s requirements, budget, and deadlines before making your choice.

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